If you want a custom portrait of your pet, the procedure is the following:

  • first you need images, possibly more than one (and possibly in high resolution), in order to chose the best one that is more suited to be painted;

  • once the composition is chosen, we decide the format and dimensions, which may vary from 20×20 cm to 100×100 cm. It is possible to create artworks of larger size, but then we must carefully plan the logistics (expedition);

  • work times (10 days minimum) and costs will vary based on dimensions and complexity (e.g. more than a subject);

  • if you want a frame for your painting, it is important to choose this from the start, since both are done in parallel;

  • once the artwork is done, i send the images of the finished painting; the you proceed to the payment and I ship the package. Shipping costs vary depending on dimensions and weight.

Here is some example wih both picture and painting:

ritratti su commissione, ritratti di cani
Biscotto, 2017
ritratti su commissione, ritratti di cani
Ivy, 2016

If you have questions and doubts, please contact me!

Suggestions on how to take photos of dogs and cats:

  • patience is the first and foremost skill!

  • in order to get their attention, you can use a prize (a cookie, a toy, etc.), which works also at directing their sight in the preferred direction.

  • natural light is always the best choice: shots taken in open air, near a window, or next to a light source (not backlit) are perfect. A warning: in any case, never use flash!

  • it is best to crouch or sit down in order to be at the same height and line of sight of your pet. If you take a photo from above, it will be probably distorded and disproportionate (unless it is the effect you are aiming for).

  • it is important to center the focus on the eyes, since they are fundamental to catch the expressivity.

  • if you take a photo of the full figure, take care not to cut out the tail or part of the legs.

  • it is best to have as less background as possible.

Have fun!

Ritratto gatti
Ritratto di gatti, olio su tela, 60×40 cm, 2016